All the Way to the Top: Innovation, Growth, and the Role of the State

The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economic (SITE) and Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum has the pleasure to invite you to a presentation on November 27, 13.00-14.45 by Senior Economist Dr. Reda Cherif and Senior Economist Dr. Fuad Hasanov, International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Reda Cherif joined the IMF in 2008 and worked in several departments on fiscal issues, macroeconomic analysis of emerging and developing countries, and economic training of government officials. His research focuses on development economics, natural resources, fiscal policy, and growth and innovation.

Fuad Hasanov is a Senior Economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Georgetown University. Since joining the IMF in 2007, he has worked as an economist for several emerging countries and natural resource producers and conducted training of IMF staff and government officials.

For the past one-half century, most emerging and low-income countries have not been able to reduce their income gap with advanced countries. Standard growth policy prescriptions that include an enabling business environment, macroeconomic stability, and minimum state intervention and regulations, may be insufficient. In recent years, the argument in favor of state intervention, and in particular, industrial policy, has also been gathering momentum. The presentation will discuss strategies to catch up with the technological frontier and the role of the state and the private sector in doing so.

Discussants will be Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School and Johan Eklund, Managing Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Professor BTH. The presentation will be chaired by Torbjörn Becker, Director of SITE and there will be time for questions and discussions.

START TIME:2017-11-27 at 13:00

END TIME:2017-11-27 at 14:45

LOCATION: Stockholm School of Economics, room: Torsten, 3 floor. Entrance from Bertil Ohlins Gata 4, Stockholm. 

RSVP by Monday, November 20 here.

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