Time to nominate for Young Researcher Award 2020

Young Researcher Award is given to stimulate young researchers in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and firm development. Every other year the award goes to a woman and every other year to a man. 2020 the award will be given to a man. Submit your nomination before 10 December 2019.

The 2020 award will go to a man who has completed a Phd, is an active researcher at a university/college in Sweden, have made significant academic contributions and is no more than 35 years old when nominated. It is the quality, originality and novelty of the research that is in primary focus when assessing the candidates. The award sum is 150 000 SEK and is financed by Triton Advisers (Sweden) AB.

Associate Professor’s and higher are eligible to nominate. Welcome with your nomination, supported with CV and publication list for your candidate to Pernilla Heed, project manager Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum before 10 December 2019.

Read more about the award (in Swedish): www.entreprenorskapsforum.se/priser/unga-forskarpriset