Wernberg on EU Digital Markets Act at SME Europe webinar

The Digital Markets Act: What is the Right Way to Regulate the Tech Industry to Empower SMEs? was the topic of a webinar arranged by SME Europe. Joakim Wernberg, Research Director at Swedish Entreprenuership Forum was one of the speakers and gave his view on how the EU digital compass should be designed to achieve the vision of a digitally transformed and more resilient Europe.

Keynote speaker was Dr. Andreas Schwab, MEP and parliament Committee Rapporteur on the DMA.

Joakim Wernberg highlighted conclusions from his policy paper Innovation, Competition and Digital Platform Paradoxes. 


By regulating the large plattforms and introducing new barriers we also deter knowledgeble small and medium size entreprises to scale up, said Joakim Wernberg.


Other speakers were: Dr. Ivan Štefanec,MEP and President of SME Europe of the EPP, Marcin Nowacki, Vice President Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP), Dr. Ulrike Suchsland, Senior Legal Counsel, Competition and Consumer Policy, BDI, Dr. Adina Claici, Director Brussels Office, Copenhagen Economics, and Dr. Horst Heitz, Executive Director SME Europe of the EPP.


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