National Research Network

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s national research network includes Swedish researchers in the fields of business administration or economics, which focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Researchers who are part of the national network are regularly invited to participate in seminars and different types of research collaboration as well as writing reports. They are thus given the opportunity to use Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s platform to reach a broader audience, as well as create debate and discussion about policy proposals that the research resulted in.

Leona Achtenhagen
, professor Jönköping University, JIBS
Maria Adenfelt
, associate Professor Uppsala University
Helene Ahl, professor Jönköping University, HLK
Lina Andén, associate Professor Linnaeus University
Pernilla Andersson Joona, associate Professor Stockholm university
Åke E. Andersson, professor emeritus JIBS
Anders Anell, professor Lund university

Mikaela Backman
, Ph.D. JIBS 
Lars Bengtsson
, professor Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH
Christian Berggren, professor, Linköping university
Mats Bergman, professor Södertörn University Collage
Fredrik Bergström, Ph.D. WSP
Lina Bjerke, Ph.D. JIBS
Karl Johan Bonnedahl, Researcher, Handelshögskolan, Umeå university
Håkan Boter, professor Handelshögskolan vid Umeå university
Anna Brattström, Ph.D. Lund university
Anders Broström, Ph.D.  KTH

Lars Calmfors
, professor Stockholm university
Cristina Chaminade, professor Lund university

Sven-Olof Daunfeldt
, professor Dalarna University and HUI Research
Frédéric Delmar, professor Lund university
Bengt Domeij, professor Uppsala University and KTH

Charles Edquist
, professor emeritus Lund university
Karin Edmark, associate Professor IFN and Stockholm university
Olof Ejermo, associate Professor, Lund university
Gunnar Eliasson, professor emeritus KTH
Jessica Eriksson, Ph.D. Umeå university

Boel Flodgren
, professor Lund university
Per Frankelius
, associate Professor Linköping university

Karl Gratzer
, professor Södertörns University Collage

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou
, Ph.D Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, professor Linköping university 
Magnus Henrekson
, professor, IFN
Almas Heshmati, professor JIBS
Carin Holmquist, professor emerita HHS

Dan Johansson, professor Örebro University and HUI Research
Pernilla Johansson, Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden
Henrik Jordahl, associate Professor IFN

Charlie Karlsson
, professor emeritus JIBS
Nils Karlsson, associate professor Ratio
Christian Ketels, professor HHS
Magnus Klofsten, professor Linköping university
Anna Krohwinkel, Ph.D. Leading Health Care

Hans Landström
, professor Lund university
Pontus Lindblom, Ph.D.  Linköping universitet
Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand, professor CIRCLE, Lund university
Magnus Lodefalk, Ph.D. Örebro universitet
Anders Lundström, professor emeritus Mittuniversitetet
Hans Lööf, professor KTH

Gustav Martinsson
, Ph.D, KTH
Sara Melén Hånell
, Ph.D. HHS 
Leif Melin
, professor emeritus JIBS
Richard Murray, Ph.D

Lucia Naldi
, professor JIBS 
Jan-Evert Nilsson
, professor Blekinge Institute of Technology
Mattias Nordqvist, professor JIBS
Erik Norrman, Tax Researcher Lund university
Kristina Nyström, associate Professor KTH

Ola Olsson, professor Göteborg School of Business, Economics and Law

Vinit Parida, professor Luleå University of Technology
Lars Persson
, associate Professor IFN
Lars Pettersson, Ph.D. JIBS

Annika Rickne
, professor KTH

Mikael Samuelsson
, associate Professor HHS 
Tino Sanandaji
, Ph.D. IFN
Hans Sjögren, professor Linköping university
Ulrika Stavlöt, Ph.D. Fores
Per Strömberg, professor Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
Roger Svensson, associate Professor IFN
Anna Söderblom, Ph.D. HHS
Patrik Söderholm, professor, Luleå University of Technology

Robin Teigland
, professor HHS
Patrik Tingvall-Gustavsson, professor Södertörns University Collage
Mats Tyrstrup, Researcher HHS
Joacim Tåg, Ph.D. IFN

Karl Wennberg
, professor Stockholm Shcool of Economics
Hans Westlund, professor KTH
Erik Wetter, Ph.D Stockholm Shcool of Economics
Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson, associate Professor CIRCLE – Lund university
Filip Wijkström, associate Professor HHS
Vivianne Vimarlund, professor JIBS

Håkan Ylinenpää
, professor Luleå University of Technology

Ivo Zander
, professor Uppsala University

Daniel Örtqvist
, professor Luleå University of Technology
Özge Öner
, Ph.D. IFN and JIBS

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