Regional Policy Forum

Regions in Sweden and internationally are facing significant economic policy challenges that are linked to urbanization but also to globalization. At the same time digitalization provides new production opportunities.

An important ingredient in Regional Policy Forum’s initial work is to develop an updated description of the regions outside the major cities. For example, many small towns are very integrated internationally through its industry. There are businesses in small towns that are at the cutting edge of technology globally in their niches.

Purpose and working methods

Regional Policy Forum will focus on regional opportunities for Swedish business dynamics and long-term sustainable growth. The Forum wants to understand and describe the challenges and conditions, but also to try to separate out things that can be influenced to different degrees such as more driven by the other, ie obtain actionable knowledge.


Per Tryding
Sydsvenska Handelskammaren – (chair)
Martin Andersson
Blekinge Institute of Technology and Lund University
Petter Arneback
Region Örebro
Mikael Blomqvist
Björn Falkenhall
Sveriges Apoteksförening
Helena Karlberg
Piteå Science Park
Johan P Larsson
Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum
Therese Sjölundh
Destination Åre AB
Katrien Vanhaverbeke
Sveriges kommuner och landsting (SKL)
Caroline Wigren
Lunds universitet
Lars Wikström


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