Jovanovic receives Global Award in Stockholm

Renowned economists gather in Stockholm when Professor Boyan Jovanovic, New York University, receives the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research at a ceremony on 16 May. The Global Award is the foremost international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of € 100,000.  Speakers include: Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan and Jan-Olof […]


Hamza Qadoumi global finalist

Hamza Qadoumi, student Royal Institute of Technology and founder of Ecobloom, is one of the seven best student entrepreneurs in the world! He made if to the global competition, Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, where he competed against 51 other student entrepreneurs from as many countries. Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum congratulates on a brilliant effort!


Startup migrants – entrepreneurial solutions for integration

Europe is facing considerable challenges in regard to immigration and integration. Many research reports have attempted to answer the question of why the employment gap between native and foreign born is relatively large and what measures need to be taken to reduce it. Does migrant entrepreneurship play a role in helping integration and unemployment?


Swedish Philanthropy Summit 2019: Philanthropy, Culture and Community

Culture and creativity are fundamental to growth and welfare in society. Securing sufficient funding is an ever-present issue for the culture sector. Welcome to Swedish Philanthropy Summit 2019 where we will discuss the links between philanthropy, culture and community development.  The conference will feature both Swedish and European  cultural sector examples of private cultural initiatives […]


Research on competitive dynamics and entrepreneurial learning awarded 100,000 Euros

The 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research goes to Boyan Jovanovic, Professor of Economics, New York University. Jovanovic is awarded for his pioneering research on the competitive dynamics between incumbent firms and new ventures, entrepreneurial learning and selection processes. The Global Award is the foremost international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of […]