Swedish Entrepreneurship conducts and disseminates policy relevant research in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, business dynamics and growth. The organization runs a number of major research projects spanning several years, as well as various shorter projects spanning six to 18 months. For example, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum have conducted research about topics such as digitalization, global mega trends, immigration, Swedish competitiveness, supply of a competent workforce, education, philanthropy, taxes and the administrative burden. Regardless of the issue, entrepreneurship and innovation permeate the entire research effort.

Selection of current research programs

Digitization and technology policy

Digitization and technology policy is a research platform that brings together a number of research projects with two common denominators: to measure and analyze the digital structural transformation in economy and society and to contribute to a data- and knowledge-based political debate both in Sweden and at the EU level. Research leader for the platform is Joakim Wernberg, Entrepreneurship Forum.

Taskforce for strengthened Swedish competitiveness

A project with the aim of investigating the conditions for strengthening Swedish competitiveness in the long term. The project is about systematically analyzing and developing research-based knowledge base for how Swedish industry’s competitiveness can be strengthened in the long term. How does entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, innovations and globalization affect Sweden’s growth and prosperity?

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – GEM

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is also the Swedish partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the largest global research venture on entrepreneurial activity.