Swedish Schumpeter Lecturer 2020: William Kerr

What does entrepreneurship among migrants look like in the United States and in other countries? Are migrants more entrepreneurial? These are issues that will be discussed at this year’s Swedish Schumpeter Lecture, held by Harvard professor William Kerr and arranged as a webinar on 28 October.

In Kerr’s latest book The Gift of Global Talent: How Migration Shapes Business, Economy & Society (2018) he explores the global race for talent and how countries and businesses compete for high-skilled migrants. The book reveals that immigration has changed American innovation, reshaped the economy through the emergence of talent clusters and affected society as a whole. Kerr argues that the United States, and the world, can get more out of global talent flows with sensible reforms.

William Kerr’s broader research focuses on how companies and economies explore new opportunities and generate growth. He leads Harvard’s Future of Work initiative, advises decision-makers and companies around the world, and is frequently cited in publications such as Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.

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William Kerr
professor Harvard Business School
Mats Hammarstedt
professor Linné University and Research Institute for Industrial Economics
Johan Eklund
professor and Managing Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (moderator)