Europe is facing considerable challenges in regard to immigration and integration. Many research reports have attempted to answer the question of why the employment gap between native and foreign born is relatively large and what measures need to be taken to reduce it. Does migrant entrepreneurship play a role in helping integration and unemployment?

  • What role can entrepreneurship and self-employment play for integration in the labor market?
  • How can social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and startup communities realize the positive potential in migration?
  • How can public sector better support migrant entrepreneurs; financial support, mentor programs or something else?
  • What role do migrants have as future employers?


Alireza Akhondi
Member of Parliament(C)
Pernilla Andersson Joona
Associate Professor, Stockholm University
Rafael Bermejo
founder and chairman IFS
Arin Karapet
Member of Parliament (M)
Amelie Silfverstolpe
spokesperson ÖppnaDörren, Axfoundation
Nicolai Strøm-Olsen
author and entrepreneur
Johanna Palmberg
Research Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Associate Professor Södertörn University
Kotada Yunus
co-founder Aktarr

More speakers will be added.