On 14 December, renowned economist Stan Metcalfe will talk about today’s global challenges by reflecting two pioneering economists who changed the way we think about innovation and economic transformation. Metcalfe shares his view, seen through the writings of Joseph Schumpeter and Alfred Marshall, on the role of innovation in creating wealth from knowledge.

Schumpeter and Marshall promote radically different ways of interpreting how innovation occurs and, just as importantly, the processes by which novelties transforms an economy. At a time of enormous global challenges, the solutions for which require a heavy reliance on science and technology, it is time to revisit the question of how innovations lead to economic change.

Stan Metcalfe is Swedish Schumpeter Lecturer 2022. The lecture is held in cooperation with U-GOT KIES – Centre on knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems at University of Gothenburg where Metcalfe is an honorary doctor of economics.